sketching & designing portfolio to study abroad

At Sketcharts studio we cover sketching portfolio , designing portfolio to study abroad& India for creative fields like..
Interior design,
Fashion design,
Footwear design,
Accessory design,
Fine art,
Applied Art,
Graphic design,
Commercial art,
Jewellery design,
Product design,
Automobile design,
Car design,
Comics & Illustration etc.


Students are taught the technical ways to cover these portfolios. They are trained at memory drawings. In this section all perspective study, shapes’ thorough knowledge from every angle with rotations &eye levels are covered. Basic structure of respective products, its angles & dimensions then the various designing possibilities are taught. And afterwards different outlining & colouring styles for stylized outputs are taught in professional way to make it in more presentable manner in sketching portfolio to study abroad.
Sketching classes , painting classes , designing classes are given for the practical Knowledge of fine art, applied art, visual communication & print media etc. is also given to students to strengthen their sketching,designing, colouring, painting, shading & shadows skills to meet international standards of working.
All over the world in Countries like America, Canada, Australia,New Zealand, Italy, England, Japan, Singapore,Dubai, France , all Europe, all United kingdom & all other parts of the world.
Good artist, sketcher, designeris always in demand who has the ability to execute the ideas on paper/computer. He or she is judged by sketching portfolio, designing portfolio.
We are also the study abroad consultants for creative, designing, sketching careers worldwide.