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Every product from any of these fields is sketched & designed first by the respective fields’ designer before being manufactured. This is called concept art which is conceptualized as per the demand & available resources. In all these respective fields’ Products become saleable & successful on quality & design basis. It cannot exist or survive in the market on the basis of same old designs. Every professional artist or professional designers’ job is to create new, attractive designs in this competitive market.

Unfortunately no school prepares students from the technical point of you except the fine art way & even that is also not taken up by all students as this is not the compulsory subject.
Only a few students end up learning sketching which is actually the fine art. Hence they are able to draw what all they have in front of them as references whether still life or. But these above mentioned designing – creative fields do not require copied designs. Observation is must but along with this some techniques are required to execute your ideas or imagination on paper.
These exams like NIFT,CEPT,PEARL,DCA,CEED, NATA, JEE B Arch etc. are for all creative fields for art or design. Students are to appear in these exams in creative ability part with these techniques to create from imagination. No reference is provided in examination.
Even in college duration sketching & designing new products are executed on the basis of these fine techniques.
After the completion of college & when one becomes a professional then also to meet the demands of the market new designs are created.
Every recruiting company looks for your innovative ideas & the projects handled in college & otherwise. You have to prove your worth on the basis of your creativity.
Sketcharts studio is considered to be the best coaching institute for design entrance exam preparation as it gives its students that platform & opportunity to improve & overcome your weakness of poor sketching & lack of execution of ideas. Here Classes for design entrance exam preparation or classes for art entrance exam are taken & sketching tutorial, design tutorials, art tutorials are covered with design sample papers,art sample papers. We undertake Sketching portfolio, design portfolio to study abroad too.
Sketcharts studio changes the way one thinks. From what one requires to improve imagination to how generate ideas to start from very basics of sketching to work as a professional for whatever the field may be.
At sketcharts studio Mr. Anil Duseja provides the sketching & designing demo class & counselling session to all the queries & aspirants. But that too on prior appointment basis.