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SKETCHARTS STUDIOS’ TAKE ON CEPT ENTRANCE EXAM as far as creativity is concerned.

At least at school level hardly the students have interest in sketching. neither the efforts are taken in this direction by the school. Mostly fine art remains as an optional subject after 10th class which is also not opted by majority of students though.

Those students who have fine art as an additional subject are taught the sketching the fine art way which is based on observation study. That means one cannot draw without the references.

Whereas an designer  is supposed to create new designs from his / her own ideas. Copied designs are not accepted at any level.

One should try his best to overcome this weakness even before appearing for CEPT exam as sketching from own imagination is required here too. No reference is provided to copy in exam. Your creative side through sketching is well tested in creative ability part of this exam. Scene view ( indoor-outdoor from different viewpoints), 3d compositions, 2d compositions, logo design, poster design, t shirt design, book page cover, pattern making, object drawing, sequence sketches, colouring sense based questions, future designs etc. are the topics which are to be done from imagination in the exam.

There are certain techniques required such as different perspective point study, parallel study, various shapes study, various angles study etc. which are very important to be taught in CEPT entrance exam coaching,

Sketcharts studio is the right platform for the sudents aspiring to make career in creative fields. Hence considered the best  CEPT institute in delhi & India as far as creativity is concerned. Students come to us from various parts of India to learn the sketching techniques to sketch from imagination. Because everybody has always ideas in mind for anything but due to lack of techniques are unable to execute. In architecture entrance exam for creativity test part every candidate has to draw from imagination only. No copying or cheating is allowed.                                                                                     At sketcharts studio students are provided CEPT tutorials to enhance their creativity CEPT coaching classes are provided which includes CEPT sample papers of creative ability test. Study material for CEPT cover all contents needed to score big.

Sketcharts studio provides coaching for CEPT entrance exam for creativity for admission in various design courses in all centres.

sketcharts studio provides the strong creativity base to students. As creativity is always get along at all three stages in life of a creative professional. These are….

1)      While Appearing for the entrance exam for creative ability part.

2)      During college projects & assignments.

3)      All through the life as a professional  architect/designer/artist.