Kailash Negi

Animation Film Making,Sketching Classes

Kailash Negi, 2D Animator

Initially i had joined some other 3D animation institute which had big name. I did my 3 years course at that institute but was never taught sketching at all there. Somehow on getting job i would remain uneasy due to lack of knowledge of sketching concepts. Even my employer was not happy with me. Finally i left the job & searched sketch arts studio for learning 2D animation because 2D animation is the base of all tyoes of animation styles. 2D here was working on story boarding, concept art, rough animation, clean-ups, cel animation, flash character animation with animation principals among its production & post production departments. All this was taught to me by mr. anil duseja who is himself a 2D animator also. Thank you so much sir for building up my confidence again in me.