About Us


Anil Duseja has worked for various design industries like architecture-interior designing, product designing, jewelry designing, animation films, garment designing, fine a
rts, etc.

Hence, he knows what it takes to make it work practically when it comes to sketch & design. That means copying anything or making anything directly without using basic shapes is of no use.

Sketching and designing has to be technically correct. Simply copying does not work.

Ask any professional, you find all things from building structures, interiors/exteriors, furniture, cars, garments, accessories or even a single screw or bolt is made up with basic shape and is taken care of with marking and balancing for the right structure.

In our society, people do not take drawing/ sketching seriously or know just that doing art is painting a canvas or teaching kids in a school. But true to the fact is art and design has far broader vision and surprising to many a people that anything which is human made is sketched and designed at first level and then goes in processing of manufacturing.

But unfortunately, at school level, sketching is never taken as seriously to be as important as a main subject. Hence, students are not technically strong when it comes to sketching and their vision towards sketching remains narrower.

Everybody is creative & has lots of ideas in mind but remain handicap due to lack of sketching skills as sketching is the only medium which fills the gap between ideas & execution. We have also seen lots of students struggling in their college life & their careers also effected due to lack of good sketching techniques.

At sketchartsstudiostudents are trained for all creative careers worldwide in art , design & architecture fields. Hence students come for their entrance exam preparation in india for NATA, JEE (B,ARCH) , NID ,NIFT , PEARL , DELHI COOLEGE OF ART ( DCA ) , JAMIA MILIA ISLAMIA , CEPT , FDDI , SRISHTI , SYMBIOSIS , RAFFLES , MSU , CEED , JJ INSTITUTE OF APPLIED ART, IAM etc .

Sketching portfolio/ designing portfolio is prepared for the students to study abroad ( USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, DUBAI, SINGAPORE, JAPAN, GERMANY, ITALY etc. ) for various courses like, fashion design, graphic design, product design, car design, architecture, interior design, footwear design, jewellery design, animation , gaming, fine art, applied art, tattoo art, t- shirt design etc.
Long & short term courses from 4 years to 1 month are also conducted at sketcharts studio for sketching classes, painting classes, product art, t shirt design, fine art, applied art, 2D animation, flash character animation, interior design etc.

At Sketcharts our concern is to start students from providing basic knowledge to sketch & design things that help them to excel in their specific areas.
No institution should be judged or finalized mere on the basis of its publicity / advertisements / near home facility / less fee structure.

Rather demo class must be the only way out to make your final decision when it comes to your education. So just dare & ask for demo class any institution you visit.

We are confident of our education system / techniques & very much sure that our one demo class can change your life.
Free counseling & demo classes are provided for every aspirant by Anil Duseja on prior appointment.